GPS Tracking Bullet


Micro financially disposable gps trackers.

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Project in the design phase, waiting on finding a distributor to purchase the small batteries from.

It’s really just a super small tracker, and I figured, hey, why not put it in a bullet.  Probably won’t sell them that way, since the only people with uses for that are not the best people.


It will fit inside of a .22 bullet, so imagine that size.  Rechargeable battery, and terminals to wire into electronics.

I’m making this because I hate having things stolen, so want a financially disposable, mass amount of trackers to just put into EVERYTHING.  And more so, the system I have planned, just uses one sim card (or one from each carrier for better coverage) for all units, 100+ units all on one phone plan.  It’ll pay off eventually when someone steals my pen or something, or yours.


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