Dual Wield Modular Flamethrower


A modular dual wield flamethrower, because why not?



Technically, this is two flamethrowers, in one.  Why not?


  • Two tanks, useful for separating fuels, and doubling fuel capacity.
  • Dual wield option, why settle for one?  Can have a flamethrower in each hand, or fill a tank with co2, and have fire & ice.
  • Modular Hoses.  Easily configure between a single flamethrower, single tank, and/or double tank.
  • Safe Design: 100% chemical compatibility, no spill hydraulic quick connects, hydro-tested, solid connections.
  • High power, operates at 2,100 psi on compressed nitrogen, no freezing from co2, & ability to propel co2 further.
  • Refillable:  Nitrogen tanks refillable, and/or easily exchangeable with full ones.  Refill each per tank of fuel.
  • Refillable: Propane tank (for pilot lights) uses a refillable tank, no throwing away canisters.
  • Refillable: Fuel tanks refill through hoses (and a filling adapter) via gravity.  No need to open the tanks up & break the seal.

Designed by Darker Tech

Additional information

Operating Pressure


CO2 Emissions

100% if using the CO2 option.


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