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I’m just working a ton to save up maybe 10 or 20 grand, to invest on tools, materials, and forcing time and money to coexist, resulting in a prototype of my main product being built.  Once this product is built, I can be assured that it works as expected, or nowhere near as expected, and decide if this is worth dedicating the rest of my life to.

If it is worth it, I begin working on the first project I ever came up with (something entirely different), and turning that into a sellable product.  Its purpose is to raise funds to invest it all back into my main project.  So that’s where I’m at right now.  Also, just making stuff on the side for fun if I have time and money and its worth it.  Things are gonna be boring and uneventful for a long time, then suddenly start taking off faster and faster outta nowhere.

Main two tools needed:

PocketNC, a desktop 5 axis cnc machine (5 grand).  Enables me to make just about anything mechanical.  I need almost every part custom made, and this is by far the cheapest option.  Also the quickest.

OtherMillPro, a desktop precision cnc mill (2 or 3 grand).  Non-essential, but would speed up and reduce costs of electronics prototyping.